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        HUAXINZHONGAN (Beijing) Security Service Co., Ltd.

        Phone:+86 10 67222198
        Fax:  +86 10 67111019

        1Jia, Guozhuangzi, Fengtai District, Beijing, 100166, China



        HXZA cares about feedback from our customers, employees, and the public. We welcome comments, complaints, or suggestions and have established this customer service and grievance portal to make it easy for you to contact us in confidence. Please leave your feedback below and one of our representatives will connect with you shortly.

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        You can also reach out to us by calling  +86 4006456110 , sending a fax to 861067111019, email to, on wechat at hxza8209, or through mailing a letter to our office.

        If you wish to lodge a grievance through an independent body please refer initial complaint to ICoCA via their website (。


        Hotline 24/7: +86 10 67222198
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